Monday, July 23, 2012

Heart of Home: Office Prep

For Christmas my husband bought me a Netbook. I had tried his Ipad for bit and, while he loved it, I made the decision from day one that I needed an attached keyboard.

Clicking isn't enough for me, I have to type to express myself.

I thought the Netbook would free me and allow me the ability to tote my words with me. 
Truth is, I'm a focused writer. The atmosphere, the time, the mood have to align with the stars.
Quite possibly that's what makes me a weak writer as well.
Writers who can write on the spur, on the spurt, on a wing and a prayer produce much more and go much further.
Napkins and loose leaf paper and envelope flaps do for me when idea, quotes, and mega sentences threaten to runaway. 
Outside of that, I need the stars to align.

My husband woke-up my snoozing laptop last week. I hadn't been on it hardly since Christmas. 
I was protectively hugging my Netbook and let my Annie have co-ownership of my laptop because her siblings have all bought their own but she has no job thus, no money, to buy one.

Then it went to sleep...for months.

Getting back on it has been an awakening. The largeness of Lap vs. Net steadies me. It harbors me. It stills me. My vision is not as tunneled. It's bigger and broader.

I realized that I didn't necessarily need to tote my words around with me outside of my head.
My head is a good place to keep them at times.

My next reality was my sleeping office.
Ugh! Pitiful! I can't begin to describe how pitifully neglected it was as I tramped about with my Netbook which never actually left the vehicle much less the Netbook sleeve except when I was home, of course.

I am a wife and mother first. I need a focus and a harbor for my writing more than I need a Netbook sleeve.

My husband blessed me with this beautiful little room, silently hammering into the walls his hopes for me, painting the walls with his dreams for me, building his belief in me and my writing.

I wisely did not take a *before* picture. It was pretty bad. 
Pretty bad.

These are the *after* photos.

With the start of school peeping around the corner, I see the reality of two students in college, one in high school, religious education classes beginning, and our homeschool journey continuing.

This is where my fly-by-the-seat of my pants stops and I saw, in reality, a need to gain control of my mind because I really have no control elsewhere around me.
I've gotten very good...very letting things go and finding peace in whatever happens.
Some may say I'm a slacker. 
I'm not. I'm maintaining my sanity. ;-)

The office will not stay neat and tidy.
I know that. My husband knows that. (He's lived with me for over 26 years afterall).

There are other hidden corners of my home that are wastelands of clutter and dust.
But, during the heated months of summer, I focused to harbor on this corner of my world.

It's a hidden corner of my heart. No one sees it much. It's down the hallway and the door is usually kept shut. But it's a tranquil and happy place.
The children find me sitting in that blue chair near the window and they scoot out a desk chair to sit and visit or sit on the floor with a pet or game or at the closet desk doing their own whatever-work.

Sometimes the room is full of bodies and conversation, movement and noise.
This morning it is quiet...just me and the cat.

It's a pleasant place to be and I want the new school/work year to start off with the phrase that
"Hope Springs Ethernal!" because we must have hope in the mist of this insane living.
Always hope!

Life is insane and happening. It's crazy but good.
This little nook is a place where I can attempt to maintain my sanity...

While the rest of my heart runs amuck. ;-)

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