Monday, July 9, 2012

Living Joyfully Among Messy Blessings

"We humans are amazingly competitive and whether we acknowledge it or not, we tend to size ourselves up in comparison to other people on pretty much every front, and now that I've been a mother for nigh unto six years, I would dare say that motherhood is the most competitive sport of all (though few would admit it).

"As moms, we compare and rank ourselves by how many children we have, our birth stories, financial earnings, handmade crafting abilities, how much we cook from scratch, how we choose to educate our children, how much we volunteer, how early our children start reading and writing, and the activities of our husbands. The term 'household manager' has come to take on new meaning.

"Social media hasn't helped, either. Due to the internet, we no longer merely compare ourselves to our in-laws and the moms we see around our neighborhood, but we can compare ourselves to anyone who has a blog or a Facebook presence. These are women who have multiple children, have spotless homes, have large blogs and businesses that have thousands of followers, and have husbands who are hunky, adoring, funny, and compassionate. They're endlessly creative, smart, thrifty, and patient. Their children are intelligent, well-behaved, and TV-free. These women keep it all together..."

Read the rest here: If Motherhood isn't a Competitive Sport, Why Do We Beat Ourselves Up?

Author Kresha imparts to us:

"So I am here to say - ENOUGH!

"It's time to shed the guilt that invades (and pervades) our spirits as mothers. Let us look at it squarely in the face, acknowledging it for what it is, and then ask God to root it out of our hearts. Let us live joyfully, deeply grateful for the bounty of messy blessings that do abound in our lives, and understand that our contributions are significant and sufficient. 'My grace is sufficient for you,' Jesus told the Apostle Paul in a vision, 'for my power is made perfect in weakness.' (2 Corinthians 12:9)"

* * * * *

There is our start:

* Look it squarely for what it is
* Confess that we have taken meat hammer to the last commandment of God and coveted the very essence of our neighbor
* Pray to God to change our hearts
* Acknowldge each "messy blessing" in your life...each and every one of them
* "Live joyfully"

* * * * *

Share ways you rise above this competition and learn to live joyfully among your messy blessings!

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