Monday, July 2, 2012

Setting the Table

Can I offer you each a little summer treat?
Right now I'm busy setting the table but if you give me a day or two, everything should be ready.

This is a mini-project I've been wanting to get around to offering you for a long time.
Summer gives me the down time I need. :-)

Let's try something fun for the rest of summer, shall we?

In my book A Picture Perfect Childhood, I have a section called "Let's Get Cooking with Literature". It's a "shopping list of books" to take with you each month to the library and load into your book basket.

Read the books with your children in the coolness of the house during the heat of these summer days then copy the ingredients found at the back of each book and head for the super market. In the coolness of evening, make the delicious book treat for the whole family can enjoy.

It's a fun way to spend summer and an even better way to combine our love of books and food.

It's a book-a-licious project.
If you have my book A Picture Perfect Childhood you can jump on ahead to page 158.  Otherwise, check back Tuesday or Wednesday and I hope to have the first links up for you.

Enjoy! And please share your photos and cooking time with us all. Perhaps I...or my girls...can figure out how to set-up a link-up so we can all share our books and tables and treats. Maybe... :-)

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