Monday, July 30, 2012

Today's Peace ~ Tomorrow's Power

People write to me and talk to me and say I am ever the calm one, ever hopeful, ever the optimistic one.

I am not.

I was the hesitant child.

I lived in the shadows of life.

I was always worried, always questioning, always restless.

I was never good enough.

And yet I was.

I am!

I accepted long ago that I was the least of my brethren and, in that knowledge, I've found my peace, my strength, and my voice.

Peace is found in knowing that everything thought, said, and done today has already been thought, said, and done yesterday. Power is in knowing that He chose You and This Moment to speak it so that today's world will hear it.

The Word was here before any of us ever came into existence.

Peace is found in knowing someone will always know more, say things better, write it better, and do it with more eloquence that you will. Power is knowing that He chose You and This Moment to share it so that Today's World will hear it..


Peace is in knowing that you will only think, only say, only do what God wills for you to do today.

Just for Today.

You can go to sleep knowing that you did God's will in what you thought...what you said...what you did. You will know that...for Today...if only for Today...He gave you the Power to proclaim it to the world.

Living in the shadows is a blessing really.

I was once the skeptic, once the doubter, once the cynic.

Peace taught me to hold my tongue, if not my thoughts.

In the beginning there was only darkness.

It still exists. 

It exists bleakly and madly and annoyingly. It gloats, seeking the ruin and destruction of souls. It lurks outside waiting to bounce on us in our weakness and bring us down and tear us apart.

Peace allows us to see the pain, hurt, and brokenness all around and that it is better to lean on the side of acceptance than on the side of correctness. Peace gives us the Power to mend what we know, to comfort where we can, to smile when we can't, and to act wherever we are.

The only way God's light can be brought into a darkened world is through His creation...You and I.

We may still be worrisome, restless, weak, mad, pained, flayed, questioning doubters...God knows our nature. That is why sometimes we are called to Carry a Light rather than be thrust into the Light.

That Light shines it's own Ray of Power. We need only Carry it, not Be it.

It shines on worried madness taking flayed flight on pained wings.

Peace is found in knowing that everything we think, say, and do was willed by The Word that was here before we were. Power is knowing that He chose You and This Moment to offer The Word to the world Today

Today's World might never have heard it had it not been for Your Presence...Today.

Nothing is You. It is all Him. The Word calls us to be More than we are because, in Truth, we are Nothing; but, in the Stillness, He took the Nothing and Created You and Me.

There is the Power. There is the Peace.

{Photography by Chelsea Gibson, chosen from my files and offered in the Light of Today's Moment} 

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