Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gumbo and Hurricane: A Perfect Blend

After a late morning of sleeping in and a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and coffee, my older children left the house and the younger ones went outside to visit a friend in the field and make a kite from plastic shopping bags, ribbons, and string as well as a duct-tape purse from a Cracker Barrell paper bag.

You know...things you make when there's a hurricane trying to blow down your house.


Only the wind didn't blow today. It didn't rain. It has been, indeed, very quiet outside. Puffs of wind every now and then. That is it.

We are found on the pie-shaped particle of land in SW Louisiana which is not gridlocked inside Isaac's path. I've been keeping up (via FB) on family and friends who live in the path of the hurricane. Many have lost roofs, have leaking ceiling, some have flooding in parts of their house. One friend said her patio was fixing to collapse. Many are without electricity.
It seemed like a good idea to all officials and city officials and the town children close the schools down.  In our household that means college kids too. In Louisiana it's just a good excuse to shut-down schools and make a gumbo.
In the yawn of Wednesday morning it seemed ridiculous to be indoors preparing to hunker down for a hurricane. Where was the hurricane? That's when the girls ran outside. And I began to cook.
I feel mildly guilty that, in a feverish realization of the weather getting bad, I over-bought. But let me explain: the one thing a family does during a storm is eat, and eats a lot.
And so I bought. And just about everything I bought was related to comfort...comfort food...making everything as simple and easy as possible while making everyone as comfortable as possible even if we were in the mist of a storm with no electricity, no lights, no A/C, and no access to restaurant carryout.
I picked up some frozen pizza...that got eaten last night.
I picked up some watermelon slices to snack on.
I picked up salad fixings which my daughter-in-law and I made into a hearty meal at lunch today.
I bought bags of chips and lots of canned meats, canned stews and soups, and canned fruits. My daughter has a gas stove next door so we can at least warm up food if we loose electricity. Huge plus!
Oh, and water bottles.
My sweet tooth and my desire to make a lockdown a little bit sweeter for the whole family also got the best of me. Into the basket went preparations for: peach cobbler, apple pie, and banana bread.
The banana bread is already baked. The apple pie is baking.
There's vanilla ice cream in the freezer too...for the apple pie...but which can easily be eaten between all ten of us if necessity demands.
And did I mention the ingredients for the chicken and sausage gumbo and potato salad?
The gumbo is cooking on the stovetop right now. The potatoes and farm eggs are boiling happily.
And the apple pie is smokin' in the oven.
If the winds of Isaac knock on our pie-shaped plot in SW Louisiana, the damage (if any) will be done tonight.
But the gumbo is cooking, the pie is baking, coffee's brewing, the wind is now blowing, God's in His heaven, and all is well with the world. :-)
Hope all our Gulf Coast neighbors are faring equally well.  Just remember to...


  1. I love you, CAy. I miss me some Louisiana. Stay safe and eat well. :)

  2. Aw, thank you, Colleen, for visiting and taking the time to comment. If you ever head this way, I'll put a pie in the oven. What's your favorite? :)

    1. Anything with sugar. :) Is the storm over?

    2. Yes, actually today is our first day of rain. Really weird storm.

  3. Love this post! For Isaac, I made a large pot of chili (with fritoes), a double recipe of salsa (for tortilla chip dipping), two loaves of homemade plain, one cinnamon-raisin and many pots of coffee. A wind-blowing carb fest indeed! :)

  4. That sounds like my kinda comfort food, Cheryl. If only we lived closer. How did y'all fare? Electricity? We never lost ours. That's one thing I can't stand to be without.. Some people did even though the weather never did get bad. We do have broken limbs and branches in the yard. Did y'all have any flooding?

    1. We fared well, thanks be to God. We did lose power from 1a.m to 7a.m. Wed. morn. and listened to howling winds during that time. Then the eye moved and sat right over us all morning. After lunch on Wed. it moved a little further inland and we had the post-eye winds and rain which were mild compared to the pre-eye scariness. We had 5 inches of rain total, but no flooding. Our neighbors to the east and north shore did not fare so well - many prayers for those families. Our okra looks awful of course and a neighbor lost a backyard tree that still rests on the fence our yards share. Hopefully, they will remove that tomorrow. So much energy expended on a cat. 1 hurricane...we've been preparing and experiencing that thing since last Sunday. It will be nice to get back to our normal routines.

  5. Glad to hear it, Cheryl. We have family east of us who took quite a beating. Prayers certainly will continue. You're right about so much energy going towards a cat 1 hurricane but I think Katrina and Rita left people feeling anxious and squimish. Glad to hear y'all are safe.


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