Monday, November 5, 2012

Classroom in the Corn Maze

It was a lofty fall day with children swarming the corn field. Not in a spooky, scary way though. :-)

We made our October field trip with our homeschool group to CM Farms in Dry Creek, LA. This gave us an all day excursion to escape into our outdoor classroom  nature study. We live for opportunities such as these and enjoy this trip annually.

It gave us the chance to play and exercise and socialize.

And a chance to just sit and look pretty.
In a tub full of corn kernels, no less. :-)

The prime attraction was the corn maze nature walk.
There were signs and hints and clues and a crystal sky overhead.
Last year we went on a dark October night and ran the corn maze.
Won't do that without dad accompanying us. This was a lil bit easier to find our way out though I'm nnot sharing how many times the children lost the adults in the maze itself.
It was perfect.

Special times is something I want my children to know.
Special times that have a scent, a feel, a warmth, and a sound.
These picture are the visual.

Popsicles make the leaving a bit easier.
Momma---that would be me---brought home a package of CM Farms famous pecan fudge. :-)
September Nature Walk: Legacy of a Good Childhood

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