Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Hesitate. Life Doesn't.

"In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy."
~ Brother David Steindle-Rast
* * * * *

I hesitated this morning to post yet another "I am grateful for..." on my FB page.

Would you like to be brutely bored, annoyed, exhausted with my blessings?

If so...excuse this space a minute. I want to preserve my gratitude here for just a second so when times get tough and the path gets rough and the dark night of the soul overshadows my life, I want to remember and play a weak rendition of the biblical character Job:

Day 1 ~ Grateful for faith, family and friends  (in this order it sums up every blessing I don't touch upon this month)

Day 2 ~ *Grateful for late night living room talks with Hudson's mommy and getting to enjoy our little man playing on the inside while we talked.
*(continued) Cleaning out my office and not complaining because a huge reason my husband made this office was so that a writer, dre, and homeschooling mom could shut the door on a life of paper piles. I am grateful.

Day 3 ~ *Thankful for Saturday mornings with no where to go and nothing expected of me. #&mybed.

* (continued) And I'm grateful for daughters who bring me a cup of coffee in bed without me even asking for it

* (continued) Then I woke up and if it was just me, myself, and I; everything would get done. But there's too many other people involved in too many different areas. But I'm grateful because it's my life serving the people I love. #full-steam-ahead

* (continued) They took us out to eat. :)
Grateful for these two and what the future holds.

Day 4 ~ Grateful for:
* older brother and great friends who throw diaper parties during LSU game for Hudson's daddy.
* my daughter who professionally cleans my house...for FREE! ;-)

Day 4: grateful for family gatherings

Day 5: grateful for co-op classes and our wonderful homeschool group #friends

Day 6: grateful for freedom
            grateful for 18 1/2 years with man's best friend - Frenchie (4-27-94/ 11-6-12)

 Day 7: Grateful that a president is only allowed to serve 2 terms

Day 8 ~ Grateful for a daughter-in-law who drops Chels off in the morning so I don't always have to...who asks if I want anything from Roly-Poly for lunch :)...who texts me to see if I need anything from the store...who often cooks supper for the family on the night I'm working CCD...and who loves my son! She's awesome!

Day 9 ~ Grateful for daughter and soon-to-be-son-in-law who picks-up middle sister from soccer practice, buys her supper, does the CCD shuffle on the one evening I serve my church, then let's youngest sister do whatever she wants  babysits the youngest til I get home.

* (continued) coffee mornings and table talks with Oma and Opa 

* (continued) Starbuck afternoons with oldest daughter

Day 10 ~ Grateful for Religious Freedom.

Day 11 ~ Grateful for our Veterans.

* * * * *
Would people get exhausted with all this goodness?
Would people get annoyed?
Would people proclaim my life a fake and a fraud?
Would people block my posts?
Would people sneer at the blessings in my life?

And so I hesitated?

I guess that's the vice of someone who worries too much about other people's feelings. We hesitate. We hesitate to speak. We hesitate to write. We hesitate to hug. We hesitate to acknowledge. We hesitate to thank. We hesitate to live.

As I was hesitating my decision to continue what could seem to others a piece of narcissistic overload, a video from a high school friend popped up on my FB feed that read:

"I was looking back at some old videos and thought I would share some that make me smile!
I hope it doesn't get annoying but I love my family so much and I love to celebrate their lives."

* * * * *

That little decree gave me so much peace, so much bravery.
There is no time, no space in this life for hesitation.
Life is to be celebrated!
Time is a gift to be lived and up-lifted.

There comes a moment in time when you cannot hesitate. Rather, you must live life in leaps and (((hugs))) and shouts of joy and celebrations and prayers.

Many, many prayers.

One must live life full of grateful noise.

Even when it's full of sinners.

How else do we show our gratitude to our Creator for the gifts He has given us?

"Love what you love without apology."
~ Elizabeth Berg
(ht: Sarah @ knitting the wind)

* * * * *


  1. Beautiful post, Cay! I find that by reading what others are grateful for only reminds me to be grateful for that same thing (or something close to it). Sometimes, we need the gentle nudge of others to see what is right in front of us. God bless!

  2. never tire of the grateful posts you post! Helps remind me there are always grateful moments and I so enjoy your wording and thoughts. Grateful for your words.
    I finally will get to your fair State in Dec. for a great nephew's wedding. I'm so excited! I've been reading their suggestions and re reading some of your old posts. We probably only have two days to do everything. Academy of the Sacred Heart Chapel and the reception in The Audubon Tea Room and we go to Muriel's and The National World War II Museum for the wedding events. Is there something we really should see?


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