Friday, November 16, 2012

Pumpkin of Thankfulness

Cut strips of orange construction paper and fold in middle. Make a "cross" and glue middles together.

                  Take two "crosses" and glue middles together so
                  that you have a "star".

Write something you are thankful for on each "strip" of the pumpkin.
Begin with top strip of "star" and fold upward---make sure your words of thanksgiving are on outside of pumpkin---gluing strip at the top as you go.
 You now hold a pumpkin full of thankfulness seeds in the palm of your hand.
{Many thanks to my friend Brandie for showing the girls how to make these plentiful pumpkins}
 {Here is the link where she got plucked the idea from Domestic Diary and we're thankful for their shaing. You will find the leaf template there as well.}
Autumn is the time to enjoy your kitchen as never before. Spend some time with your children on the sofa reading these Pumpkin, Thanksgiving, and Autumn Treasure books then take them into the kitchen to prepare and enjoy the recipes offered at the back of each book.

The books just take 15 minutes a day. The memories will last a lifetime.
(Booklists excerpts taken from A Picture Perfect Childhood)


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  1. Cay, this is adorable. It's a perfect Thanksgiving craft and I pinned it all over Pinterest and shared it on my blog's FB page and google+....thanks for the inspiration. We'll be doing this!


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