Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A New Normal

...but a very good one. :)

Holidays are ended.

Christmas tree and decorations have been packed away.

Our weekly co-op classes and dance classes have begun anew. Recital prep is the favorite past-time discussion.

It's been a cold and wet soccer season and our player has been sick for almost the whole season. She's learned a bit about diligence and perseverance, and working even when sick. Lucky for us, soccer season has only a couple more weeks to go. Sad for her though.

Our first college graduate has ended training on his new job and is settling into a new routine.

Our second college graduate is orienting and begins working the floor on her new job as RN tomorrow.

Hudson's mommy is back to work and his daddy is back in college while still working.

It's a new normal to our family and we're all determined to make the best of it, making the transition as peaceful and quietly as we can for our little man.

The aunts are helping too.

Many hands make light the work.


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  1. Hudson is so beautiful, Cay.

    Our youngest son and his wife and their four children, ages 2 to 7, moved in with us 16 months ago when our son lost his job and couldn't find work. He is going to school now and hopes for a brighter future for his family. It's difficult sometimes, but we are glad we can help. That's what family is all about. God bless you and your beautiful family. I'd like to give that baby a squeeze. :o)


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