Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Faith in What? Or Who?

I loved reading this quote this morning:

"Faith in Christ is the highest form of repentance." ~ St. Cyril of Alexandria

The answer to the subjective question 'Have a little faith in what? Or in who?' Is simply to put aside our criticisms, our standards, our assumptions, our verdicts, maybe even, at times, our own convictions and just have faith in the one who is all loving and all forgiving.

When we criticize, assume, convict, and set standards too high, we, without knowing, are silently witnessing to others that we don't have enough faith (notice I didn't say 'any' faith) in a God who works miracles, a God who works through the sinner in us all, a God who moves mountains, a God who loves the least of us, a God who is a father to us all, a God whose very essence is Love and nothing less.

Anyone who turns down this love and forgiveness will not be swayed by our criticism, assumptions, man-made convictions, or our standards. They just won't. They might be swayed by our generosity, our personal conviction, our extension of self, our service, our example; but we can in no way force it upon them. And we should not take the burden of rejection upon ourself. It is their choice and their loss.

Faith is an intensely personal option. Not my conclusion but Pope Benedict who said, "Faith is a supremely personal act."

Only the Holy Spirit sways. Only the Holy Spirit convicts. Only the Holy Spirit changes hearts.

All we need is to have a little faith (ie: the size of a mustard seed perhaps) in Christ who forgives. It is really so simple.

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  1. to often we try and fix everyone that we think is broken, when we are broken ourselves. Christ makes all of us who are broken new again. Show love and compassion not hate and judgment.


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