Saturday, April 20, 2013

My World This Week

 Beauty {Life on a Clothesline}


Sweetness {Sleeping Baby}

Learning {Car-Schooling}

Kindness {Friends who know your heartstrings}

Surrounding Yourself in Nature {Honeysuckle left on Kitchen Table}

{Found outside while feeding the chickens: Spores? Mushrooms? Seeds? Egg?}

A Favorite Sign of Spring {Buttercup by the Mailbox}

Life in Motion {New Ride}

{the Smell of Leather}

Life's Little BooBoos {Make Shift Splint---plastic spork handle, napkin, and pony tail holder for jammed finger at ball park}

Good Eats {Family Crawfish Boil on a Saturday at son and daughter-in-love's backyard}

Making Life Pretty {Hudson's Gift Table after Baptism}

Cuteness {Grandbaby}

Blessings {Family}

Prayers {for Hudson and his Mom and Dad}


{for 1 year anniversary and Hudson's cousin due in September}


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