Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bouquet of Marriage Prayers ~ Day 15 {Remembering a Special Marriage Anniversary Today}

Married on May 15, 1943 in the little Catholic church in Evangeline. 
My mother was born 11 months later in April 1944.
Married until PawPaw was taken in death in June 1996. 
PawPaw's gloves: he drove a motorcycle and MawMaw rode that motorcycle until she was too far along in her pregnancy with my mother that her grandmother told her to stop. I guess they got them a car after that. Story is that as a baby my mother rode around in a Carnation box on the floorboard of that car.
My two oldest children, Corey and Kayleigh, with my maternal grandparents.
PawPaw showing them a bird nest he had found.
My little rubber booted boy is still ever the naturalist and explorer.
In 1993, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
Wonderful grandparents.

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