Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life in a Small Town

When I was this girlie's age, all I thought about was graduating from college and escaping my home town.
We all know the feeling, the longing, the desire to escape, to get away from who we are and what we know.

It's that proverbial brick road we long to venture down...

 ...and to follow.
Hoping it will lead us... happiness (of course)...
...possibly the fountain of youth... healing springs... riches and other paths of possibilities...
...greener pastures... windows of opportunity... any place other than what we know.

And yet, somehow, like Dorothy, that road always leads us back to who we are and where we live and who we know.
Following the path is just something we have to do. It's the call of life to us and to our children.
And walk it, we must.
Sometimes alone.
 Sometimes together.
But, when possible, dancing.
And escape to distant hillsides whenever possible.
Yet always know that your hometown is a mere breath away.
It's who you are.
It's who you've always been.

{Pictures of the new town park}

The Grove in Heritage Square, Sulphur, LA

 {Night time tour: Night in the Park }

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