Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Day with Hudson

7:10 AM Wake up to phone texts

7:10-8:10 AM Answer text messages. A whole hour seeps into oblivion as I checked FB, email, and Instagram accounts. Hear girls getting up and getting ready. Hopeful for coffee. Doesn't happen! :-/
8:10-8:30 AM Snuggle deeper under comforter. Doze a bit. Learning how to relax and recharge. I am so not a high energy person, despite what people think. Offer silent rote prayers for family, friend having surgery, job prospect, and special intentions. Chelsea shouts that she's leaving for work. I enjoy the last of my peace and quiet.
8:30 AM Get up for Hudson. His daddy has to be at work for 9. His mommy goes to work at 8 every day.
8:30-9:00 AM Snuggle with Hudson. Aunt Annie pulls out pots and plans for lunch. She wants to cook it all herself she says. I am not to do any of it. {Fine by me. ;-) }
9:00-9:30 AM Spread blanket on floor. Give Hudson snack and leave Aunt Annie to play with him while I go shower and get ready for the day.
9:30-10:10 AM Feed Hudson breakfast...mashed bananas. We laugh over his "old man" faces. He plays in jumper awhile then I offer him his formula and try to rock him but he's not interested. Playtime on floor blanket. Ends up sitting with MayMay on outside swing watching the dogs play.
 Entertainment for the day! :-)
10:10-10:30 AM Back inside. Hudson's tired of blanket toys. We find him crawling around sofa and towards toys kept in corner of living room. Playpen quiet time for Hudson. No coffee, no breakfast but Annie has lunch ready so we eat (5-cheese raviolli and browned ground meat in Alfredo sauce.) Hudson gets restless. Ends up in infant swing. Offer formula again. Ends up in rocker. He seems to be at his best when there's lots of people here and everyone's talking. Today everyone is working. He's stuck with Aunt Annie and MayMay. Such is life! Realizing I wouldn't have been able to shower or fix lunch if I didn't have my 11 year old help me. #thankful

10:40 AM Still doesn't want to nap. I change his diaper then Aunt Annie takes him from me and pours all the playpen toys around him on the floor. Oma texts that she and Opa are on their way over. Maybe now I'll get that cup of coffee and Hudson will be happy that he's everyone's main entertainment. :-)

10:50-1:00 PM Lost track of time. Oma and Opa showed up and Oma rocked him to sleep. Great grandparents can still be very valuable if welcomed into the home (despite what society is raising us to believe about 'old people.' ;-). I fix pot of coffee for Opa and I. Finally get my coffee fix! I place Hudson in his crib in office to nap then take the reprieve and go outside to check the cabin where Chelsea and a friend slept last night to make sure it's picked up and food is not left out. Start a load of laundry and catch-up on sink full of dirty dishes. Conversation flows. Oma and I go over baby shower and wedding shower plans and check over guests list. I find out the number of dinners ordered for Annie's Cheer fundraiser and send amount in. Hudson awakes from a very nice nap and is put in walker with snacks. Thank goodness for Oma and naps, otherwise the paperwork would never have gotten done. I fix Hudson a bowl of rice cereal mixed with formula and applesauce for lunch. Yummy! Adrain comes by house during her lunch hour. Visit, talking, conversation still flowing...the way life usually is around the Cajun Cottage.

1:00 PM Full belly! Hudson is happy. Plays on blanket with toys while I pack diaperbag to take him and Annie to the park for an afternoon walk.

3:17 PM We are back home. Ran by post office then to Sonic for Happy Hour 1/2 price drinks. By the time we got to the park, our fellow dribbler was sound asleep again. Car rides do that to him. So we sat in parking lot and I balanced my checkbook while he slept. Annie and I sat and chatted. Kept hoping he'd wake up. It was good time for a nap so he'll have time to wake up and play and go to bed tonight at a reasonable hour. So I didn't want to disturb his beauty sleep by transferring him to stroller. By 3:00, we decide he isnt' waking up any time soon and we go on home. Feed chickens while he naps.

4:00 PM Working girl comes home and announces her arrival loudly (ie: slamming door and shouting "Hello, everybody! I'm hooommme!"  Any question about who had baby duty after that?

4:00-5:05 PM Hudson hangs out with Aunt Chelsea and her friends. I relax on computer and type up most of the above. Good for double checking my memory skills and brain processing. Gotta do that periodically after one turns 40. ;-)

5:05-5:30 PM Feed Hudson his supper, change him, and rock him with a fresh bottle.

5:30-6:15 PM He's busy, happily playing on floor when his mommy comes to pick him up. As usual, we get to talking and the time speeds away. Oh well... She and Hudson finally head off to watch Daddy play Ultimate Frisbee with friends. Chelsea leaves with friends.

6:15-6:30 PM Laundry and  more dishes.

6:45 PM Finish typing this. Wait for Mark to get home so we can get a bite to eat. Had planned to do a couple of computer things done today but they didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe. But my children are already planning my next two days. =:-0


{Brief Update: husband had just gotten home and he got called back out so we settled for sandwiches amd ice cream at home. I was able to do my Safe Environment needed for work then Annie and I settled in to watch "Mall Cop".  Waiting for everyone to get home.}

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