Sunday, July 14, 2013

Time to Shut off the Screens and Proceed with Living

My daughter is out canoeing with friends today and I can't think of a better way to spend a glorious Sunday (outside of giving thanks and praise to God at Holy Mass first, of course).
It beats sitting in front of these screens wallowing the demise of American culture, hearing the angry shouts of protestors, crying over a handsome young actor's too-early death, and witnessing a tearing apart of humanity.
I wrote recently for Amazing Catechists:
"Paula Deen and the Supreme Court blatantly remind us today that people love a public crucifixion as much as they adore building people up."
If we look at these boxes (television and computer) in front of us, that is what the media is presenting to us and telling us this is how we all think, how we all act, and what we all believe.
"I can wring my hands, sweat, panic, and worry about the world my grandchildren and great grandchildren are being born into. I can write eloquent posts and write obedient stats about family and faith. Or I can simply turn my back on this black box that brings so much gossip, exposure, and stress into so many homes and “gratefully focus” on home and family."
Get off the screens and quietly tend to your own part of the Kingdom. Love your family well.
You cannot handle all the world's problems or all the ills of society. You cannot save anyone's soul but your own. You cannot live anyone else's life but your own.
Tend to your family and you will have served mankind the greater, loved God better, and gotten on with living the life God intended/envisioned for you.

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