Monday, July 15, 2013

{Touring the Oak-Shaded Estate} Walk To Pick Berries

Continuing our Estate Tour which seems kind of sillier than when I first decided to do it but since I've already jumped into chicken yard and gotten my feet dirty, I guess I'll just keep drudging along. As will my daughter-in-law's little Yorkie, ever at our house.
Today, we'll walk across the back yard to get some blackberries. 
We're almost too late. There aren't many left and the ones that are left are becoming dry. The sunshine is sucking what little life they have left out of them.

There are but a few red ones left. The birds and pest might very well forage the rest of them before we do.


Still, I've gotten three blackberry cobblers out of it and my daughter-in-law made a couple and that's not counting my sister-in-law's larder who also lives next door.
I grabbed the only thing I had nearby. Hudson's sand bucket. Not a very plentiful harvest as we kick into July, but June was a good month.
And we pass my brother-in-law's gentle peach tree. It's still young but produces just enough for the kids to enjoy.
We meet our gentle boxer/lab on the way back to the house. She's been a jewel. Found on the side of the road with her brother as a puppy, we adopted her for our boys. She was hit and injured by a car just months after we moved here. She'll be 13 years old this November and has been a jewel. I think I see one of the aunties out on the swing, probably putting a nephew down for a nap.
Duck! watch your heads. Bird feeder in the sky...rather, hanging from a Cajun oak tree.
We walk behind the Cajun Cottage, mostly vacant these days as the girls get older. And, yet, I understand there are two little boys who will be playing fort and mud pie kitchen and hideout in it within a few years.
 Gonna soak these little berries and, because there isn't enough...
Enjoy them with some sugar and cream all by myself. Because...

...the kids had their fair share while picking them off the vine all the other times. ;-)
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