Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why I Do Not Live Here Anymore...


My blog has become somewhat of a ghost house...
I have so many thoughts and ideas and moments I want to capture here for those days I'm forever home and lonely but...for is busy and full.
I don't live here any more.
I've been ultra busy with...
Getting lesson plans done for co-op, religious ed classes, and my little homeschooler.

Schedules consume my life. I can't tell you how many schedules I have swimming around inside my head. The most important three stamped in bold black ink are:
September 12th ---Grandbaby #2's Due Date
September 22nd---Kayleigh Paige's Bridal Shower
October 19th---Kayleigh Paige's Wedding
Besides that and all the planning, we've been...
Swimming. Endlessly.
Going to pool parties and getting to know those other dance moms...who are not near what is portrayed and stereotyped on the television screen. No where near. These are wonderful women and it's my pleasure to get to know them.
A bowling day with the cousin.
Getting into a new routine of watching our little turtle while his Mommy and Daddy are at work or school.
And enjoying beautiful days at the park.
Besides regular summer work and play, we've had to contend with regular orthodontist and doctor appointments and even a small day surgery procedure.
And we've kept time for some family fun time at home.
At the end of summer, I traveled  to Orange Beach with these beautiful ladies...
...for Kayleigh's Bachelorette Weekend.
To be invited to go with these girls made it both a rich and rewarding time.
We  sat on the balcony at Orange Beach and drank lots of coffee and frozen drinks while talking books and life.
It was a bittersweet summer realizing that I've always had to watch a young child on the beach and this summer I didn't and next summer there will be two little boys to start the trend all over again. This is my life and I love every minute of it...and feel incredibly blessed to spend a last summer with just the "big kids."
Only my daughter-in-law Adrain was unable to join us due to being eight months pregnant. Awaiting Callen's arrival is our next big LIFE event.
  Life moves incredibly fast. Rather than bemoan past regrets or weep over past childhood moments, I'm striving to embrace the here and now and enjoy these precious days with family I am blessed to have, children who have grown into people I want to be like, and a new generation of family members and grandchildren bottle-necking to get inside MayMay's house.
Life is soooo happening. What about your home?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

There's Always a Story

The humanitarian in me finds these stories fascinating.

"The Iron Mountain Railroad’s passenger train No. 4 rumbled over the bridge, bound for St. Louis 65 miles to the north. Helms was walking the track through a low rock cut when he heard a strange squeak, like that of a field mouse.
"He saw a small, battered piece of luggage. “I opened it, and inside was a baby,” said Helms."
Who was this baby?

Why did his mother abandon him? What kind of life did she have? What was her story?

There's always a story.

Everyone has a story.

Perhaps it's more the storyteller in me that is intrigued by the unanswerable mysteries of life.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My World View

As a writer I sit under sunbeams on the beach reading the contract I recently received from a publisher I sent my manuscript to two years ago. 

Yes, two years ago.

It's a beautiful thing, knowing a publisher wants something you created.

You'd think I had a glass of celebratory champagne at my elbow.

But don't be under any illusions.

I was on the beach because these two swim beauties wanted to go future down the road from our condo where there are no threats of jelly fish or sting rays. 

So I lugged a chair and bamboo mats across a woooden, sand-strewn boardwalk.

And sat under the only miniature umbrella I could find in my van. And I sweated and got sand in my book bag. And the wind and surf rifled through my papers. And I drank a bottled water and ate chex mix.

Because my life isn't so much a writer's view as it is a mother's view.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cultural Foods

First Cultural Food Introduced to Our Children Through Literature Into the Kitchen Is:

Pizza  {recipes are found at the end of every story}

Pizza for the Queen by Nancy F. Castaldo

Pizza at Sally's by Monica Wellington

The Pizza that We Made by Joan Holub

Recommendations by Engageya

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