Saturday, August 10, 2013

My World View

As a writer I sit under sunbeams on the beach reading the contract I recently received from a publisher I sent my manuscript to two years ago. 

Yes, two years ago.

It's a beautiful thing, knowing a publisher wants something you created.

You'd think I had a glass of celebratory champagne at my elbow.

But don't be under any illusions.

I was on the beach because these two swim beauties wanted to go future down the road from our condo where there are no threats of jelly fish or sting rays. 

So I lugged a chair and bamboo mats across a woooden, sand-strewn boardwalk.

And sat under the only miniature umbrella I could find in my van. And I sweated and got sand in my book bag. And the wind and surf rifled through my papers. And I drank a bottled water and ate chex mix.

Because my life isn't so much a writer's view as it is a mother's view.


  1. Thank you, Sarah. I'm overwhelmed but in a good way. :)

  2. Hi Cay, I tried to send something to your email but it would not go through. So I thought I would send something here.
    In regards to your book "A Picture Perfect Childhood"
    I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful resource that I reach for consistently as I homeschool my youngest son with special needs. I know this book was published a while ago and am just wondering if you have added to your wonderful lists of books over the years or have any further recommendations for a mom teaching a child with special needs who can read at about a 3rd grade level but quickly becomes overwhelmed when the words become too many on a page. The picture books are wonderful because I can pre-read them and then when presented to Sam, reduce the words and use the pictures as a visual reinforcement.

    Thank you for helping guide us on this journey.

    Sue Mayer


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