Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Boys' First Trip to the Fairgrounds

October days translate into a visit to the local fairgrounds.
This was the cousins' first trip to the fairgrounds where PawPaw and MayMay grew up.
Naturally Hudson was able to "enjoy" it a tad bit more than Callen (who slept the whole stroller ride along the grounds), but he was still too small to pass height inspection on the rides.
Most rides anyway...
I foresee in the future that these boys won't have to worry about finding a "friend" to go to the fair. God initiated them into an instant buddy-system.
The lemon from the lemonade. Must have had extra sugar in it cause he loved it.
PawPaw's cap is perfect for shade and a swagger fashion statement. ;-)

Next year...bumper cars!!!

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