Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in Gibson-Style Review

Someone got baptized!

 And we took a huge leap into competition dance with our youngest ballerina.
And, yes, it has been HUGE!

And we got a new puppy!
At the same time we were finding out what Grandbaby #2 was.

And there were lots of  bridal shoots...

And lots of wedding preparations ...
And a bachelorette get-away to the beach in August.
Sweet, sweet, sweet days of clowning around with this little man.
Isn't his eyes the sweetest!?!
And we celebrated the upcoming birth...
Of this little man in September!
He and Hudson will always have each other and that makes this MayMay very happy!
Then grandson #2 was baptized...
  ...on his daddy's birthday (Sept. 29) in the same church his daddy was baptized in as was his godfather and his cousin.
Then, before we got too cozy and settled, we hosted a bridal shower to celebrate the upcoming marriage...
...of these two in October.
And as though we hadn't celebrated enough or eaten enough cake, we partied with Hudson at his 1st birthday party in November.
Followed by Christmas...
And now we enter into 2014 with preparations for another wedding... ;-)
Not for a second do I wish these days away.
This is life at its fullest, most magical, most blessed time.


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  1. What a great review, Cay! Love all the pictures :) Happy New Year!!


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