Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Embracing a New Year Daybook

Wow! It's been a long time and forever since I wrote my last daybook. A year and a half to be exact and in the heat of summer too. Seems the weeks speed by faster than I can type...and I type pretty fast.

But a new year calls for at least one updated daybook, even if the rest of the year goes bomb. :-)


Outside my window...gray oak trees, gray skies, gray winterness

I am thinking...many things and how peaceful life is when one has no obligations or places to go.

I am thankful...for family and work and friends and leisure

In the kitchen...neck meat with onions and bell pepper simmering on stove (smells a bit funny, need to ask my son where the "neck" came from) and wondering what to contribute to the New Year's Eve party.

Also looking at this: Month of Freezer Meals and this Freezer Meals
I'm a huge fan of my crock pot but with the holidays I seem to be missing both my large and small slow cookers. Definitely bombed about that today.

I am wearing...3 year old VBS t-shirt and jeans

I am creating...a book series I hope to debut this June-July-August-or-September (whenever it's ready)

I am going...staying home actually...MayMay duty today and I don't plan anything on those days...good excuse to hunker down

I am wondering...if I can faithfully execute this: Build a Family Binder

I am reading...do you really want to know???? The list and books next to my bed are endless. You might be sorry to ask. ;-)

I am hoping...2014 is as good and peaceful a year as 2013 was.

I am looking forward to...2014!!!

I am learning...how quickly life passes.

Around the house...I *flipped* out yesterday. The clutter unhinged me. I sent the girls to their rooms to declutter and clean the candy and Christmas chaos that had spilled over into their rooms as a means of keeping the front part of the house clean. Didn't work. The front part of horrible. I couldn't take it anymore. While they cleaned their rooms, I began my own surge which involved cleaning out a tall kitchen pantry area that was insanely consumed with everything from nails to light bulbs to paint and crafts and McDonald happy meal toys and mismatched puzzle pieces and pennies and thumb tacks...you get the picture.

I am pondering...essential oils...does anyone know of a reasonable site to order a good variety of them? It's something I'd like to look more into but I don't have much time for researching that kind of thing. I'd like a one-site-tells all. TIA!

I am praying for...families

A favorite quote for today... Read today at Instagram: "The most contagious kind of joy is the one shared over books." ~ Kelly at The Careless Catholic

One of my favorite things...a well-planned year: Build a Family Binder

A few plans for the rest of the week...I cannot say how grateful I am and how refreshing it was to have this on my calendar (I am breathing again): No co-op/ No dance/ No dance/ No CCD/ No dance/ No Cheer/ No dance/Nothing/ Nothing/ Nothing
A peek into my day...Babysitting the grandbaby then having a New Year's Eve celebration and bonfire with family and friends :-)

A picture moment...
The Honeymooners in a place where dreams really do come true.
{Perfect honeymoon weather in December :-) }

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  1. I was thinking of you just a couple of hours ago, reflecting on your FB post about the "flipping out"… I finally ventured upstairs to their bedrooms and oh! my! word! My first thought was, I'm glad I did not just come home from confession, I'd be taking myself right back there! Happy New Year!


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