Sunday, January 12, 2014

My 10th Grade Editor

I have a signed book contract with Pelican Publishing.
That's makes me a legit author as far as the eyes of the world see me.
Calling myself an editor, on the other hand, would be lying, if not fraudulent. Perhaps even laughable.
I've always known there were differences between writers and editors but, when my 10th grader handed me back the first five chapters of a novelette I am writing, I realized the significance in our differences. And the importance. And the necessity.
She has an eye for a piece of the puzzle I am lacking. I am into well-turned phrases and the flow of words linked arm-in-arm and I have a weakness for analyzing alliterations which can seem quite annoying to some.
The moral of this story is:
*writers CANNOT edit their own work (notice I did not say 'should not', there is an awful lot of editing work that I do, but another eye needs to rove it too)
*writers NEED editors
*writing and editing are NOT the same job
*editors truly are a writer's best friend
When you come to this realization, you are a real writer.
Signed contract or not.

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