Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One Small Good in a Hurting World

Reading this disturbed me. Probably more than the article is the reality that we see out there.
We all have it within our communities, our schools, our society, our offices, our homes, our families. The truth is nightly clicked onto screens across the world.
"I probably wouldn’t be in business as a psychiatrist if parents did a better job. My strong opinion is that flawed, and, often, disastrous parenting is the single most powerful cause of psychiatric illness in the world."
While I see and hear daily the truth of this, I think it is up to FAMILY to commit and assist one another and make sure the child is getting some type of stability somewhere, somehow. Not only from just one-person-in-the-family but from a mixture-within-the-whole-family.

We are all damanged creatures.

I can't focus on the world at large. I have to focus within arm's reach.

If you see something wrong, or someone doing something wrong within the family, take it to the FAMILY. Get outside intervention if you must, but take it to Christ first.

If all you can do is pick-up that child from school and bring him/her to ball practice or dance practice one day a week, it helps to lessen the stress.

If all you can do is take that child for an ice cream cone on a random free day, it helps to reach out to the child.

If all you can do is give the mother a Starbucks gift card, it may help to unburden the child of one stressful episode.

If all you can do is keep a child one night, you have helped the parents to get one good night's sleep.

No one is saying you have to do it all...though many do, or at least try to.

One small thing can bless a long way.

It takes a FAMILY...people who know and love the ugly amidst the beautiful...people who are richly invested in one another...not a stale, neutral, sterile government who sees nothing but money.

"Are we really going to invest the resources to go get those kids, drag them out of their houses and put them in psychiatric group homes run by the state?  Would shattering those families really be the way to optimize the future well-being of the children involved?"
Our families define us. The good and the bad. But at the end of the day it is that one small good that was done that defines the day.
How can FAMILY help?
Start with your family first. At the end of the day, it's all you have.

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  1. Thank you, Cay for reminding us to love our families.


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