Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What's So Magical About Motherhood Anyway?

This little video has gone viral.
Have you watched it? You'll have new respect for the "job" known as mother.
"Being able to work in a chaotic environment" is probably my favorite description of all.
And the mere fact that moms multi-task is an understatement.
But amidst the piles of laundry, the interrupted nights, the lost lunch hours, the no-coffee break options; there is bliss found in motherhood as Genny Heikka has written about that bliss.
In finding Mommy bliss Genny tells us where and how to find the bliss that can elude even the most experienced mommies.
In her new book (due out next week in time for Mother's Day, (<wink! wink!>), Genny helps us all identify where we are in the journey, calms us to not rush that journey, shows us how to relax, laugh, get back to basics, love really and truly, and to reach out. All of these things are chapters, tools or, as Genny calls them, simply *Tips* to help you find the mommy bliss and navigate the emotions.

In finding Mommy Bliss, Genny ends each "Tip" with a Mom-to-Mom question for you to ponder and dig deeper followed by a Heart-to-Heart quote from Scripture which is where we should always take every Tip given to us and ask the Lord what He desires of us in this journey. She ends each section with a prayer of thanksgiving and a sigh of self-worth to the God who created all mommies and daddies and their little ones. Sprinkled throughout each Tip of each day (or each week if you desire to read it at a slower pace) is a summary in dusky blue of how to "Be More Blissful" during those moments you crash with exhaustion onto the sofa to offer another feeding, or as you weep into bed with eyes half-open at night, or when you only have three minutes at the gas pump which filling up your tank. You can read these dusky blue tips, read the Mom-to-Mom, pray the Heart-to-Heart and the Prayer and be good to go until you find time to read the rest of the chapter.
I admit I'm still reading the book. I'm not finished, but I'm excited. Excited at the possibility these words and tips give new mothers and experienced mothers, mothers like my two daughter-in-loves who are in the dusky blue muck and bliss of it all.
Genny's book is a win-win. It can be read in the time being, not yesterday, not tomorrow but right where you are today. That's because she's a mother of two who is journeying mommy bliss alongside of you. She has lots of thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, prayers, questions, answers, and tips to share and she doesn't want any of us to feel overwhelmed.
I first "met" Genny Heikka on Facebook when she began recording her Part Time Author Podcasts. I had come to the realization I was only a part-time writer, a writer who had another part-time job as well as being a full-time, very focused mother. I was snatching at straws to realize my dream and lifelong goal when, from the depths of FB buzz, Genny reached out and touched my need. On car rides, when my girls weren't fighting over songs on the radio or I wasn't singing to a grandbaby in the backseat or having a heart-to-heart conversation with a hormonal child, I listened to Genny and Aaron romp and laugh and gleefully share the bliss of being a Part Time Author and I fell in love with Genny's enthusiasm over her parenting and her writing and her love of family, life, and faith. She showed me that bliss is within arm's reach; we only have to burrow a tunnel through the laundry pile sometimes (and pretend it's a tunnel into a hobbit dwelling), to find the bliss of it all.
Reading finding Mommy bliss was a no-brainer for me because I knew Genny's voice long before I heard it on paper. She has truly found bliss in all her untakings and she shares that bliss so enthusiastically.

Would you like to meet Genny?

"Most of all we just want to be good moms."
"Love the mom that you are."

I have no doubt that Genny Heikka can help stop the Mommy Wars. I have no doubt at all.
We can all find those magical moments of mommy bliss together.
Care to join my daughter-in-loves and I in finding Mommy bliss?


  1. Thank you for sharing that powerful video, Cay. It had me crying! And thank you for your sweet words too.:)

  2. I just watched the "Hardest Job" video today- it was soooo funny and then at the end I was crying- haha:) I'm loving Genny's book too- so very practical!


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