Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Loving Social Media

I really appreciated this article:
because I really do like social media.

To me, nothing discredits someone quicker than discussing how much they dislike social media while keeping a larger-than-life social presence.

There's a contradiction there.

Even our past few popes have endorsed the good social media can do and encouraged us to use it for the good.

If you're going to be *real* than simply admit you like it and embrace the goodness it can bring; while agreeing that the beast must be tamed.

I am blessed with a large *real life* network of family and friends. They know me pretty well. But they don't know all of me.

For me, social media allows me to be more real. It allows me to let those family and friends know the parts of me I wish they knew and to clarify the parts they think they know but they really have no idea.

It means enough to me to put myself out there sometimes. Or not.

It all depends on the day, my mood, my emotions, or which way the wind blows.

I can let down my hair (or wake up without fixing it) and I can unplaster the smile off my face at the end of the day (or don't put on make-up at all).

When we are out in public, we generally take care of our appearance, our facial expressions, and our gestures. If someone comes to visit when we're still in bed, we usually run for cover.

Falsifying our appearance is part of who we are.  If it wasn't then fashion and make-up industry would have been long out of business. Not only do we not wish to embarrass ourselves but we don't wish to offend our visitor.

We can be more gracious to ourselves and call it embellishing our personality but it simply means that no one truly knows anyone else, whether in real life or on social media.

Social media just lets a person be themselves without any facets to content with.

Some may contradict me here but I've *met* quite a few people in *real life* that I first met on social media. We must be cautious at all times but most times these people are as honest and true in *real life* as they were on screen. If they kept anything from me online it's because it wasn't any of my business anyway.

We never know people fully. We aren't supposed to. I'm realizing as my children grow that I don't know them as fully as I thought.

And that's ok.

It's part of their growth and my own growth.

If anything, social media and reality shows make us think we need to know everything and...guess what!?!...

We don't!

"So don’t hate yourself for liking social media. Just use it well."

{Special thanks to my daughter for giving me permission to use these photos...and for being so real and entertaining.}

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