Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Knew This Day Would Come

Even on days when six other people walking around the house, I knew this would happen one day.

My first hint was the pet morkie poo walking swiftly between rooms holding a bag of graham cracker crumbs in her mouth.

{reorganizing MayMay's bookshelves}
I had been telling myself I needed to childproof the walk-in pantry. I knew this.

But when is an 18 month seldom out of one's sight? Right?
How does a toddler escape one's vision?

Especially when there are SIX other humans walking around in the house with good to middling eyesight. Right?

When I was raising my babies and they were in secret corners pulling their shenanigans, we didn't have Instagram or Facebook. No social media, for that matter. No blogs either.

Today there are all of these...and more.

And I have grandsons...going on #3.
They aren't bad. At all. One's not even here. Yet.
They're just little, which means they're very young. And very free-spirited. And very curious.

And have I mentioned they're all boys?

So that's my excuse for picture sharing instead of sitting in said-pantry simply crying and pulling my hair I might have done in my past life.

I'm a much different person than I was 27 years ago.

I'm a MayMay now. ;-)

The only thing I dread these days are my sons looking down at me and saying:
"Mother, did we not teach you anything? Anything at all?"

* * * * *
 Have I mentioned lately how nice and peaceful the view from my patio is???? ;-)










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