Thursday, August 21, 2014

When Humanity Hurts

Because it will...

One must train oneself to withdraw and go inside themselves to find God.

It's necessary.

It's self-preservation.

One can either get mad at the world and rant and raise one's fist to the heavens...


One can wrap their arms around a hurting world and sing A Love Song to Humanity.

How so?

1) Pray
2) Listen to the complaining of another because usually complaining is the voice of hurt trying to overcome
3) Write - Journal - Blog
4) Look for beauty---anywhere and everywhere
5) Seek out a friend...not just any friend...a spiritual mentor. If one is not to be found, turn to spiritual writers. Be careful, prudent, whom you allow into your home and heart.
6) Sow sacred areas of calm within your home (that is what I did this morning).
7) Visit Adoration
8) Open Scripture
9) Walk
10) Read poetry
11) Photograph things that speak to you, calm you, uplift you, beautify your life

* * * * *

Cause even when you're loosing...

You're winning.

Is that possible???

That idea is hard for us to grasp. Almost impossible for children to understand.

But sometimes all we can do...all we must sing A Love Song to Humanity and trust that the master conductor will fine tune that song for us and the rest of humanity.

So that we can win...despite our loosing...and we can overcome...despite the hurt of a humanity who hurts us because they have their own hurt.

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