Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cajun 'Ti Beau and the Cocodries Book Trailer

My son-in-law Garrett started working on my book trailer but he's in his last semester of college (graduates computer science in December) and so my daughter-in-law Tavyn took over in finding music and panning the pictures and creating something overall fun and awesome for a mother-in-law who writes and has no techie abilities whatsoever. 
I'm grateful to them both and pretty sure it worked out well because I doubt my son-in-law would have ever thought to add sparkles and glitter at the end of this. ;-)
*~*~*~ Coming September 30th ~*~*~*

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Household Churning into Autumn

Autumn always churns me back to household.
Especially meal planning.
I must be part squirrel or a mama bear at heart. ;-)
My friend Mary Ellen over at Tales from The Bonny Blue House has a new plan at her house:
Menu Mondays  (especially for lazy chefs)
And I'm anxious to try her Cozy, Fall Cleaning Chart because I am definitely a lazy housecleaner. When the energy kicks in, I become rabid and the family likes me even less. Perhaps breaking it down into sections of Outside, Inside, Wardrobe, Kitchen/Food, Health as Mary Ellen shows will help the most unmotivated housecleaner.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Why We Aren't Happy?

Perhaps....just's because you're stuck in one of the first three levels of happiness.

Level I:  Instant Gratification
Level II: Personal Achievement or Ego
Level III: Good Beyond Yourself/ Give Yourself to the World (Random Acts of Kindness---Paying it Forward)
Level IV: Ultimate Good---Union with God

You'll know when you've reached the fourth level. You'll know.

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