Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Coming in September...in Time for the Winter Season

An Introduction…

I’ve always loved the idea of planning but was never a good planner. Formal planners baffled me and expensive, elaborate planners sat in my closet unused. Pre-planning that got scratched and canceled as soon as it was inked onto my calendar drove me crazy and left me feeling defeated. Writing schedules, five children with various activities, and a part-time job made me realize the need for order and accountability…of some sort.
A month-at-a-glance and a good mini-notebook for all my scribblings was all I needed to feel a renewed sense of control. That’s when I was introduced to the new-fangled bullet journals that were, in theory, a mini-notebook one carried to hold all their scribblings and to catch their random brain dumps. Inspired by grand ideals, creative projects, and beautiful photographs on social media, I was motivated to create my own version of something inspiring, creative, beautiful, and simple. So very simple. Something of worth. Something that breathed and was as fluent and flex as my inner self is. Something that was not boxed within margins but flowed with instinct and impulsive vigor. Something that was as vintagely simple as writing on paper. Something that renewed itself with the waxing and waning of each new season.

Seasonal and Simple: those are the key words to this planner.
While the rest of the world retreats to their digital smart phone calendars and scheduling apps, the whole list-making, calendar, pencil to paper theory speaks to me…and inspired The Seasonal Beehive Planner which I hope to make available in time for the winter solstice and all the festivities that create the months of December, January, and February.

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