Monday, August 17, 2015

Sample Pages: Seasonal Beehive Planner/Journal

Coming soon...
A Video walk-through of the Seasonal Beehive.
In the meantime, for those of you who have asked, here is a rough sampling of the pages.

More information found here:

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The Seasonal Beehive is not a's more.

It's a organizer...a journal...a plotter...a menu chart...a meditative accountability coach...a tutorial...a drawing board...a reflection...a blend of mindful intention.

Here is just a small gathering of the pages offered.
There's so much more to come.

{Size: Digest Form}

Intentional Points for the Month
Monthly Prayer Page
Monthly Gratitude Chart
A Monthly Nature Prompt...Page Taken from
Charlotte Mason's Direction of going outside every day and being Intentional...
10 Day Challenge (can be copied to adhere to a 20 or 30 Day Challenge)

Little Bullet Point Jottings Offered for the Month

Extra Journaling Pages

Each Beehive is sectioned into seasons and offers 3 months of observation.

Only three:
  • Winter: December, January-February
  • Spring: March-April-May
  • Summer: June-July-August
  • Autumn: September-October-November
Every season begins anew. A new start. A new setting. A new day. A new page. New fruit.

Here's a couple more samples for you to try:

Winter Issue will have Christmas pages.

And, of course, some thoughtful pages to give your mind a place to pencil and ink those intentions and financial and accountable goals into one place.
Daybook pages for each month...

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