Thursday, October 22, 2015

First Reviews on Beehive Planner

First shipment orders are arriving at their new homes and here are some of the whisperings that people are saying, texting, emailing, messaging to me. I'm grateful for all your feedback.

Please keep your comments and feedback and suggestions coming. I want to hear your thoughts about this new little planner. I want to hear everything! I want to make sure it blesses your season. Contact me @ caygibson AT gmail DOT com

Happy Planning!

* * * * * *

"It's very Charlotte Mason-y..."   ~ L.F.

* * * * * *

"I received my book and just love it. I would love to skip November and head right into December. ( heck, it has already snowed here). I also have struggled with needing a day planner desperately but becoming totally overwhelmed with them. This is perfect. A little planning, a little peace and a little bit of time to just breathe and enjoy. Thank you you producing such a lovely book ." ~ J.C.  
 * * * * * *

"My new best friend, my security blanket and it fits right into my purse. Its my own little world where I can hide into while out and about." ~ L.M. (Thank you for the picture, L.M. ;-) )

"I love, love, love this "planner." It is actually better than what I was expecting!!! Thank you so much." ~ K.V. 
* * * * * *
"I'm having such a challenging week, and came home after an unexpected car repair to find my seasonal planner. As I turned the pages, curled up on the couch, I felt the tension drain away. Thank you for this beautiful gift. I LOVE it! And it came right when I needed something lovely for my heart and my soul. Thank you, thank you!" ~ M.P.
 * * * * * *
"I went with the black and white and couldn't be happier. I think it is well done. Would it be wrong to compare it to an activity book for adults? I find that aspect exciting. I like being prompted to do this or that on the pages." ~ J.T.

{A little note for those who order the B & W. A packet of lovely pencil colors makes your planning perfectly "planned". :-) }

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